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April 16, 2020
How to find Instagram hashtags that rank well
How to find Instagram hashtags that rank well

By Ivie Ndep

Are you having difficulty figuring out how to find Instagram hashtags that rank well? Instagram hashtags are used to get more likes, target customers, and to expand reach. If you are using Instagram without hashtags, then you’re missing out on engagement on your posts.

Hashtags are basically keywords – like SEO for Instagram. Hashtags help social media users organize and categorize content. Businesses can use hashtags to reach their target audience and also make it easier for people to find information.

Why are hashtags so critical? Well, Instagram posts that use hashtags gain a 12.6% increase in engagement compared to those without.

Using Instagram hashtags is effective because it helps categorize similar content and make them even more discoverable, which is likely why posts that use hashtags get so much more reach, impressions, and engagement.

Steps to Find Instagram Hashtags that Rank Well.

Step 1: Start with a Broad Search

The first way to find hashtags on Instagram is to use the auto complete search bar. Do a broad search as illustrated below. Tap the magnifying glass. Find words that describe the image you are posting. For example, if you sell jewelry, type in jewelry, tap “tags” and other hashtags will be auto populated.

Instagram Hashtag

Pro tip: It is best to use Instagram hashtags that have less than 500k posts. Using hashtags that with 10 million posts shared means your content is likely to get lost.

Step 2: Find your Niche

If you sell jewelry, write down some keywords about your brand.  What is your niche? Are your products ethical? Are they gold, silver? etc. If you are an influencer, what is your niche? What topics do you talk about? If you are an entrepreneur, what do you offer and what sets you apart?

Next, write down words that describe your target audience. For example, are they parents?  Do they live in a certain area?

Whatever words you come up with are going to become your keywords for ‘finding’ hashtags.  For example, if you an ethical jewelry brand, search “Ethical jewelry” as shown below:

  •   Tap “Tags”
  •   Next tap on #ethicaljewelry
  •   Under the follow button you will find other related hashtags to use!

Instagram Hashtags

Pro tip: Did you know that Instagram now gives you the option to follow hashtags? Following hashtags in your niche will help you find followers or find other hashtags that rank well.

Step 3: Top Posts

This section displays the top posts and recent posts that have used the hashtag you searched.

In addition to using great hashtags on Instagram, the images you see here are usually:

  •   Posts with great engagement within the first hour of posting
  •   Pictures with high quality

While you shouldn’t copy other people’s work but, it’s totally acceptable to find aspects that work and make them your own! Tap on one of the top posts and viola! you have hashtags you can use! (please note that hashtags should be related to your post). In the picture below, I clicked a top post to see what hashtags were used.

Questions to Ask Yourself when Using Hashtags

  •   Are the hashtags relevant to your posts?
  •   How much engagement are the hashtags getting?
  •   How many posts are shared on a specific hashtag? (Is it too popular?)

While it may be a little overwhelming, researching hashtags that rank well is very important for content to rank well and gain reach, valuable exposure, growth, and sales for your business.

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