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June 12, 2014
What the World Cup Can Teach Us About Marketing
What the World Cup Can Teach Us About Marketing

Walking down the street, it is hard to miss all of the cars sporting flag embellishments and sports bars and pubs proudly hang flags showing where their loyalties lie. With the World Cup kicking off (no pun intended), it doesn’t matter where you are, you will see or hear about this global event.

There are so many things that we can learn from such a large scale, recurring event. Here are a few things the World Cup can teach us about how we should approach marketing strategies.

1. Consumers are loyal

Fans will support their team to the bitter end, even if there is no way they will move on from the first round. If you take the time to form this kind of bond with your target audience by getting to know what they need and what they want, then your consumers will be loyal to your brand as well.

2. Not everyone can win the top prize

As with any competition, there can only be one winner overall. In the games leading up to the gold medal match, only one side can win. In marketing, there are so many brands competing for consumer attention with great content, appealing messaging, and public stunts designed to leave a lasting impression. The key to winning over your target audience is connection. You may not have an unlimited budget to pull off an elaborate campaign that will get mass attention on a global scale, but you need to focus your resources on the tactics and the content that will connect your audience to your brand. That is how you will win the attention of your audience over another brand.

3. Know your demographic

Instead of inspiring excitement in fans about the World Cup taking place in Brazil this year, the official song sparked controversy and negativity. Fans felt that the song was too generic and didn’t showcase Brazil’s passion for its music and culture, including the language. FIFA didn’t take into account that the World Cup is all about celebrating culture and building hype in the host country. Learn about your target audience. If you can anticipate what they will want, then you will understand how to reach them and avoid these PR disasters.

4. There are factors that link global markets

It is amazing that an event such as the World Cup can elicit such a response everywhere in the world. Simply put, soccer is the unifying factor here. If you have a global reach or you reach different cities across multiple regions, yes it is important to ensure you are reaching each group in a unique way, however, find that one thing that ties them all together to help you create brand consistency. That way your marketing strategy for each country, city, or region is simply a variation rather than a standalone entity.

5. Let yourself get excited

Watch fans celebrate at the World Cup. Whether they are at the game, watching at their favourite pub, or sitting at home on the couch, one thing is clear, most fans get excited. Take that electric energy and apply it to your marketing strategy. You will be surprised at how far your ideas can develop if you come to a brainstorm or planning session with high energy. (Check out How to Spice Up Your Strategy.)

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