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June 1, 2017
The ultimate Summer PR strategy cheat sheet
The ultimate Summer PR strategy cheat sheet

It’s almost halfway through 2017. Have you sat down to figure out what has worked and what hasn’t when it comes to your summer PR strategy?

Here is the ultimate cheat sheet when it comes to your summer PR strategic revamp – all of the nitty gritty details that you can check off your list on your way to success.

  • Check your results: What kind of results did you see with your current program? List your wins (big and small) and all of the places you think your current strategy is falling short.
  • Review your goals/objectives: What were you looking to accomplish when you started your current strategy and how does it relate to your results? If you didn’t reach your goals take time to recognize what might have stopped you. Have your business priorities shifted? What other obstacles were in your way?
  • Check your numbers: When you started out on your current strategy, what metrics did you decide you would track. What do those numbers look like for the first half of the year? Do they reflect your list of wins and goals or were your metrics out of touch with what you wanted to accomplish?
  • Look ahead: What big announcements/milestones do you have coming up for the second half of the year?
  • Update your media lists: Make sure your contacts are up to date – this means doing a bit of research! Follow your contacts on social media and what they are writing about to establish summer patterns and to find a more personal connection.
  • Do a media audit: Look to see what the media is talking about when it comes to your industry. Are your competitors beating you when it comes to getting buzz? Take note of what stories are getting most coverage and how you can own them.
  • List your targeted media outlets: Create a list of outlets that are a good fit for your target audience. If you have already done this, then double check to make sure they are still being published and add any new publications that are relevant. Segment your list into tiers (top tier, second tier, etc) based on your goals.
  • Figure out what’s trending: Similar to the media audit, do an audit of social conversations, pop culture, and other channels to figure out what’s trending in your industry (and for your audience as a whole). How do these topics relate to your brand?
  • Identify unique summer opportunities: There are a lot of events and social activities that go on in the summer. List potential opportunities for you to get involved as a brand and/or organization. Some things to consider are: Partner with a non-competing business to offer summer promos that sweeten the deal; or get involved as a sponsor for a summer event to get your brand in front of your target audience. These types of opportunities are a great way to generate buzz in the media.
  • Work your angles: Develop pitch angles that will work for TV, radio, print, blog, Influencers in advance. Use your library of pitches to easily create tailored pitches when you are ready to reach out to the media.
  • Think beyond summer: The media often works well in advance, especially when it comes to magazines, television, and other long lead media. Figure out your next move and start reaching out to media early. For example, holiday gift guide pitches need to be planned early!

If you are having trouble wrapping your brand around the nitty gritty details of your summer PR strategy, we are here to help! Call us to set up a consultation today!

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