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March 27, 2014
Spotlight on Campaigns: Plan for Success, Prepare for Anything

Even if you have been in the business of creating campaigns for a very long time, sometimes you just get it wrong. Entrepreneurs just starting out building their brand recognition have it a bit easier because they can learn from some of the mistakes that others have had to deal with. Of course, the key is to try to be as innovative and unique as you can so you stand out from the crowd, and this will leave you a little vulnerable to failure. If you can get over the uncomfortable possibility of failure, you may just have a winning campaign on your hands.

There are valuable lessons that can be learned from what other organizations have done and they are transferrable to your own marketing & communications strategies.

Have a look at the infographic to see what works and what to avoid when you are creating a successful campaign.

Campaigns: What works & What to Avoid

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