appeals to consumers who avoid alcohol consumption. They import, sell, and distribute great-tasting non-alcoholic beer, wine, and spirits from around the world.

In the startup phase, was looking to build brand awareness in niche audiences as a stepping stone to the broader Canadian market. SongBird was brought on to run a targeted experiential influencer campaign designed to generate buzz and brand awareness among parenting and lifestyle influencers.


  • Experiential/Events: SongBird developed a two-part experiential strategy. The first was to target parenting bloggers and local influencers with an exclusive mocktail mixology event. The second was to partner with popular food truck brands to create street tasting opportunities for the broader public.
  • Influencer Relations: We worked with our network of influencers to generate buzz about through positive coverage of the event and the product. Those influencers that weren’t at the event received media drops with a mixology kit and product to try out.
  • Media Materials: We put together take home mixology kits for influencers at the event as well as for media drops that were shipped within the Greater Toronto Area.


There was significant social media activity among the influencers and their communities before, during, and after the event. SongBird obtained coverage and social media shout outs through blogs/outlets such as Parents Canada, Oh Baby!, Baby and Life, Brazen Mom, Everything Mom, Baby Post, In R Dream, and others. also made connections leading to event sponsorship opportunities with The Baby Show and Mommy Connections.

SongBird won a Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals Experiential Award for this campaign, competing against Rogers/Fido and other marketing agencies. The campaign and award win have also been featured twice in Direct Marketing Magazine.

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