Gushou is an online sport management platform designed for dragon boat. Designed for both the local and international market, this start-up needed to build brand awareness. SongBird was brought on to develop and manage Gushou’s social media strategy. With a number of established competitors in the team organizational market, Gushou had to try to stand out as a niche platform. The idea was to build a strong online presence leading to more platform registrations. After time, SongBird was also tasked with running a short media relations campaign.


  • Social Media: While Facebook already had a highly engaged audience, Instagram and Twitter did not. We manage a content strategy and the daily community engagement for all three platforms, developing and designing content that is exciting and on brand.
  • Content Development: We developed a number of different initiatives like the Paddler & Team Spotlights to encourage team sign ups on Gushou, build industry awareness, and develop engaging content for social media sharing.
  • Media Relations: We conducted a highly targeted (local) media outreach program to highlight the Indiegogo campaign and build relationships with industry media.
  • Strategy: As Gushou is in the beginning of their journey, we consulted on a number of different approaches for business growth and for the Indiegogo campaign.


Social media engagement is up on all three platforms. At the peak of the season, Facebook reach was up 2100%, Twitter impressions were up 1200%, and Instagram post engagement is up 360%. The online social community has grown from 588 to 1674 across three platforms, and continues to grow even in the off-season. We have connected with a number of different lifestyle influencers as we shift the content to appeal to an overall fitness crowd.

During the mini media campaign, Gushou was featured in Mississauga News and Eugephemisms and appeared on The Everything But Hockey Show. We also laid the groundwork for future connection with a number of different niche outlets and influencers.

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Social Media, PR, Strategy