Evan Thompson and Associates

Evan Thompson and Associates provides personal brand Evan-Thompson-and-Associates-newand business relationship development coaching. With a strong network already in place, SongBird was brought on to explore new lead generation streams through content development, media relations, and online profile development. The overall goal was to build a strong thought leadership platform and opportunities to generate visibility for founder Evan Thompson.


  • Profile Development: We work with Evan on an ongoing basis to ensure his messaging and positioning are relevant to his audiences.
  • Thought leadership platform development: Building a strong editorial calendar is integral to shaping Evan’s platform based on the needs of his audience and key industry and seasonal events.
  • Media Relations: We work within our existing media relationships and explore new relationships to secure Evan media coverage and guest column opportunities.
  • Media Training & Preparation: Once a media appearance has been secured, we ensure Evan is well-prepared topically and comfortable with the outlet and the host(s).
  • Social Media: We worked with Evan on a social media booster strategy for two months to raise his visibility on Twitter.
  • Content development: With a well-defined set of messaging, we work with Evan to draft and tailor articles for media placement and blog posting.
  • E-newsletter: SongBird manages the monthly newsletter strategy as well as the database.
  • Strategy consultation: Acting as a strategic business coach, SongBird works closely with Evan to make sure Evan Thompson and Associates is on the right track and that they aren’t missing any opportunities.


During the two-month Twitter boost, Evan’s following grew to over 1000 quality followers and impressions increased by 600%.

SongBird has secured Evan Thompson a spot as a regular contributor to Huffington Post, Globe and Mail, and as a regular guest on the Ward and Al show. He has also been featured in outlets such as Rogers Daytime, Newstalk 1010, 630 CHED, Tommy Schnurmacher Show, Profitguide.com, and Advocis Magazine.

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Evan Thompson and Associates


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