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November 12, 2015
Introducing TUTSWVET: The Answer to ALL of Your Toilet Paper Problems!
Introducing TUTSWVET: The Answer to ALL of Your Toilet Paper Problems!

TUTSWVET 3ME Concepts, an innovation company based on solutions, is tapping into SongBird Marketing Communications to generate some buzz for its current project TUTSWVET. TUTSWVET is a tissue mist that is revolutionizing relationships with toilet paper (AKA TP) across North America. SongBird will handle TUTSWVET’s media and influencer relations in addition to revitalizing their social media strategy. The goal is to change the bathroom conversation from mere potty talk to an articulated discussion of personal hygiene.

TUTSWVET began as an idea in the mind of inventor Mark Hamelin to solve the world’s tap dribbler and wet wipe problem. We’ve all had that scratchy and uncomfortable experience with thin and rough TP, and big brands would have you believe that softer is better. The industry turned to moisture through the development of personal wet wipes – which don’t break down when flushed, causing catastrophic clogs in personal loos as well as city pipes.

Mark knew that moisture was the answer, but wet wipes just weren’t going to cut it. Since toilet paper turns into a ball of mush when used with water (it’s tough to the get the water to TP ratio right), he developed TUTSWVET, a tissue spray that is designed to sit on the surface of the TP for a smoother experience.

The answer isn’t softer. It’s smoother.

TS_logoThe tissue spray can be used with almost any type of TP, and works miracles on your standard issue corporate 1-ply and even on recycled TP.

We are thrilled to have TUTSWVET as part of the SongBird family and can’t wait to refine our current repertoire of toilet, bathroom, and poop jokes. Seriously. Keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter accounts!


TUTSWVET HAS JUST LAUNCHED AN INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN to raise money for product development! The goal is to expand the line to include usage-specific products beyond the original (which is already awesome!). Think about a spray to use as a make-up remover, or a baby-specific product.


One of the perks offered are these snazzy undies!

Undies front and back

We shouldn’t need to convince you anymore, so CHECK TUTSWVET OUT!

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