October 24, 2019
What you can learn about entrepreneurship from The Terminator
What you can learn about entrepreneurship from The Terminator

By Felicia Guthrie

You can learn a lot from unconventional places. Movies, television, and other popular culture elements can all contain little nuggets of wisdom. Today we’ll be looking at one of my favourite franchises, The Terminator films, particularly the first two, and what you can learn about entrepreneurship from them.

“I’ll Be Back”

One of the recurring catchphrases in the Terminator franchise is the iconic “I’ll be back” and it’s something you can keep in mind, especially as an aspiring entrepreneur. There are often obstacles, setbacks, or even failures, but you should remember that it will likely be temporary. You’ll be back to a better state with careful planning and hard work. So, if you’re experiencing a moment when you’re feeling low, don’t worry, you’ll be back to normal (or even better) in time.

Prepare and strengthen yourself

If you’ve seen Terminator 2: Judgement Day, you will likely remember seeing the previously scared and almost helpless Sarah Connor’s return to the screen. We see her in a mental health facility, but while there she continues working out. In her return to our screens we all thought she was fierce, to say the least. She emerged as a new version of herself – she was smarter, more prepared, and she was stronger, even if she was frightened at first.

As an entrepreneur, you can take a cue from this and channel your inner Sarah Connor. Learn everything you can – about your industry, thought leaders, and yourself. Prepare yourself – build your business foundation, prepare and plan your messaging and content, and prepare yourself for any hiccups. Lastly, prepare yourself in true Sarah Connor fashion by making yourself stronger. Being healthy is important, but here’s a reminder. Exercise and eat well because better physical health can lend itself to good overall health. Strengthen your mind by continuing to learn by reading, going to classes and workshops and by speaking to entrepreneurs.

Be Adaptable

In Terminator 2: Judgement Day, actor Robert Patrick played the T-1000, a new prototype series. This new terminator was made up of a liquid metal that gave it the ability to shapeshift and adapt in order to succeed. Much like the T-1000, you should be able to adapt. While it may be harder for some, any effort still goes a long way. Learn as much as you can and don’t get too caught up when things start to get a bit off plan – adapt and rework what you’re doing. Learn from past versions of yourself and change when necessary.

Sometimes Help Comes in an unlikely form

In the second film, Sarah and John Connor (two of the film’s protagonists) are shocked and frightened when they first see the T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger), but quickly learn he is on their side. While you shouldn’t ever feel pressured to work with someone who makes you uncomfortable, consider that sometimes, someone or something you don’t expect may be of great help to you. Maybe an acquaintance has valuable knowledge or resources. Learn from mentees, peers, and students. Opportunities and lessons can arise from so many situations.

Remember to be resilient, be prepared, be healthy, be adaptive, and be open to receiving help. You’ll be great.

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