August 28, 2014
5 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know
5 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

So many people have dreams of starting their own business. The first step is deciding you are going to do it… And taking the plunge by leaving your current job and steady paycheck. This part can be a bit scary, but if you start out strong, then you will have a good foundation to get you going.

When I went out on my own, I knew it would be tough, figured there would be an adjustment period, but there are certain things you just don’t think about.

Speaking both from personal experience as well as from hearing from other entrepreneurs, here are a few things that you should think about when starting out on your own:

#1 The pitch: Keep it simple

You should be able to tell people what you do in 30 seconds or less. Remember less is always more. It is like the hook to a good story. If you can capture the reader in the first paragraph of a book, they will want to keep reading. If your audience wants more information, let them ask, that way rather than just telling them, you are having a two-way dialogue.

#2 You don’t need to be a hero

Just because you have made the decision to be an entrepreneur and start your own business doesn’t mean you a) know everything and b) don’t

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/37s/4419051242/

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/37s/4419051242/

need advice when it comes to decisions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I am sure you have plenty of people in your network who you can ask, and if not, grow your network and reach out to someone who is an expert! Asking for help/advice can bring a new perspective that you may not have ever considered. Plus, it can be lonely when you are first starting out, especially if you are used to working with a team. This will ensure you don’t become a recluse in your new role as business owner.

#3 Be Honest with yourself

Don’t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk. Next time someone asks you how everything is going, think about your answer. Are you always beefing up your story with exaggerated truths so it doesn’t look grim? That’s not to say that you should tell everyone about the issues, but be honest with yourself as to how long your success will take to catch up to your story.

#4 Get ready for the long-haul, but don’t get comfortable

If you are honest with yourself, then you know what the business potential can be. It won’t be an easy ride just because you developed a plan. It will be tough. Don’t get too comfortable with that plan because you will likely have to adapt on the fly. Getting too comfortable also means that you might stay on the path a little too long for your business when maybe it just isn’t working out.

#5 Perfection will be hard to come by in the beginning

If you make a mistake, it isn’t the end of the world. Pick yourself up and try again, learning from what didn’t work the first time. It might take a few tries before you nail whatever it is you are trying to achieve.


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