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November 11, 2021
4 ways your personal social media can help grow your business
4 ways your personal social media can help grow your business

By Candace Huntly

By now, you have probably heard all the stats about social media usage… There are billions of people all over the world who use social media across different platforms… You’ve likely also seen the recent popularity explosion of TikTok across multiple age demographics throughout the pandemic… And you may have even experienced all of the stages of grief over your social media engagement tanking with all of the algorithm changes on Instagram…

If you’re not on social media yet for your business, you should probably explore that. The world has gone digital and there are very few businesses who couldn’t benefit from some form of social media or digital presence. We’ve got a “few” blogs on how to set your business up on social media to help you get started. But what about business owners? Does your social media presence even factor into the success of your business social media presence?

In short, yes. But you know I wouldn’t just end this blog after 200 words and with no details! So let’s dig into how your personal social media can help you reach your business goals.

Four ways to amp up your business with your personal social media

Increase visibility of your branded content by sharing it with your personal network

You have likely done the work to build up your personal network. Whether large or small, those relationships are important and those closest to you will always be the first to champion your work. When you share content on your business social media profiles, you can increase the reach if you reshare it to your personal profile with a more personalized message.

Not only will it help to increase visibility, but it creates a stronger connection between you and your business online. To strengthen this connection, make sure you mention your brand clearly on your personal social media profiles.

Note: Your branded content shouldn’t be the ONLY thing you post on your personal social media.

Align your messaging and brand voice

While it is important to keep your business and personal social media separate (in most cases, but not all!), you should align the tone and voice, so they feel connected. Everything you post to your personal social media has the potential to affect your business – negatively or positively. You need to make sure that, while your content may be more personal, if the views you post contradict those you espouse on your business pages, you may still alienate your customers. You are an extension of your brand.

Stay connected and build your network

You have likely heard that it’s not always what you know but who you know that will get you ahead in life. The relationships you build as a business owner are beneficial in so many ways. It’s those connections that will open up new opportunities for you. But even more important than that is the fact that owning a business can often be very isolating. Surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs who have the same experiences as you create a community of support.

Build your personal profile to put your business in the spotlight

As a business owner, when you are in the spotlight so is your business. The work you do to put yourself out there on social media increases the overall visibility of your business. Not only that, it gives you the opportunity to showcase your expertise, which builds credibility and trust. When your business is associated with credibility and trust, customers will be more inclined to buy from you.

Note: While you are an extension of your brand, it is also important to establish your own brand personality separate from your business and title.

Not sure if your personal and business social media are too intertwined? Or maybe they are and you don’t know how to separate them? Email me at candace@songbirdmarketing.com and I will help you get back on the right track!

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