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November 9, 2018
4 Ways to Make Your Brand Irresistible
4 Ways to Make Your Brand Irresistible

Having your own business means that every day requires determination and creativity to keep it working and growing. You need a way to stand out from your competitors and be noticed – you need to become irresistible to your target audience. It will help you catch their attention and then keep it. If you want to build a loyal following for your brand, look no further. Here are four tips that will help make your brand irresistible to your target audience.

#1:  Differentiation

A chef delivers quality food; a photographer provides quality images; a candy maker provides delicious sweets. These are all examples of products and services businesses deliver to customers. There are no differentiating factors, just a generic business descriptor. Without differentiating your brand from that of competitors, your business won’t stand out and you will find it hard to connect with your target audience.

Think different. To say that your business just delivers what it apparently does won’t attract customers. A chef does not offer just food, they can provide ‘a healthy life for a wealthy mood.’ A photographer does not only deliver images, but they can also ‘eternalize the most important moments of your life.’ A candy maker does not just deliver sweets, they can ‘make your day a sweeter one.’

It is all about the messaging you create to represent your brand. It should be customer-focused messaging, showing the benefits that the company brings to them. Always think different and don’t forget that brands deliver beyond a product or service, they provide dreams, happy moments, and achievements.

#2: Visual Impact

Colours, fonts, formats, icons, drawings, and logos are all part of the visual identity of your company. The way you look can make your audience feel connected to your brand immediately or get you passed over for your competitor. Visuals play a significant role in how people connect with brands. Your brand visuals should be developed based on the preferences and behaviours of your target audience.

Be original and let your brand have its own personality. Create a visual identity that is unique and engaging and translates your brand story well. It’s ok to be inspired by competitors but avoid copying or doing something similar because you will likely not get the results you want.

#3: Content

People love to hear good stories, especially when they can identify with them. Your brand needs to communicate clearly and objectively through relatable content that your audience will engage with.

You need to find ways to tell your story through text and other visuals such as images, videos, GIFs, infographics, and presentations.

By communicating your brand story with engaging and relevant content, your audience will feel more connected with your brand. Be memorable and emotionally engaging to earn brand loyalty and motivate your audience to consume what you offer.

#4: Listen up

It is not enough to have one-way communication with your audience. In order for your brand and customers to have a happy and lasting relationship, you need to learn what other people are saying about you. There is no sense in having multiple communication channels to reach your target and not use their opinions to improve your business in any way.

Use social listening to monitor social media and the web to understand how people are talking about your brand. Use the opinions you find online for the sake of your business, responding to positive and negative criticism and working to correct mistakes. Do a web search of your business, check consumer reviews, explore social media channels and pay attention to what customers are saying about you. By listening and monitoring your brand online, you will gain insight that can be used to market your business.

Making your brand irresistible and getting the audience to fall in love with your business must be part of your daily strategy. Nowadays, it is not enough for someone to have only heard of your brand once. By applying the four principles discussed here, you can learn, grow, and make your brand stronger in the long term.

If you want to be irresistible to your target audience, but you can’t figure out where to start or how to keep there attention, be sure to give us a call!

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