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February 4, 2016
4 Campaigns That Showcase Great Brand Personality
4 Campaigns That Showcase Great Brand Personality

We’ve been talking about finding your own brand personality, and sometimes it’s a great idea to look at what other companies are doing. It can give you ideas to get you started. Here are four campaigns that showcased great brand personality.

Toys R Us – 30th Anniversary (Canada)

Being a grown-up can be hard – “adulting” is rough… This is one of our favourite campaigns from Toys R Us Canada celebrating its 30th anniversary. It’s all about connecting with your inner child and making sure you never fully grow up. The campaign is nostalgic and playful, appealing to both kids and adults. Who wouldn’t want to take an oath to never grow up? (Full disclosure… we took the oath…)

GoldieBlox – Princess machine (or any other communication!)

Forget the issues related to the usage of a song they didn’t have rights to, GoldieBlox took the world by storm in 2013. Focusing on gender equality in education, personality is at the core of everything they do. The GoldieBlox brand personality is innovative and empowering with a healthy dose of girl power.

Red Bull – Mission to the Edge of Space (Free Fall)

In 2012, Felix Baumgartner and Red Bull set out to break world records by literally almost going out of this world. It’s like the world’s tallest amusement park ride at 128,000 feet high. Did anyone else catch themselves holding their breath? Sweaty palms? Red bull, in everything they do, goes to the extreme, which is characteristic of their brand personality. Their campaigns are designed to create a rush of energy, just like their product.

Dove – Campaign for Real Beauty

Before they turned to the “Choose Beautiful” messaging (which was met with criticism), Dove celebrated individuality and uniqueness. They helped women see their own beauty rather than focus on an impossible beauty standard that doesn’t represent the majority of the population. The campaign for real beauty started in 2004 and went viral soon after, hitting its peak in 2013 with its “real beauty sketches” video. While they haven’t been able to duplicate that success, the idea behind the campaign is quite wholesome and pure, like their product. They have become a champion for change in an industry that is notoriously self-absorbed and shallow.

Have you figured out what your brand personality is? What would your first campaign be?

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  • Dean says:

    Great post. I am confronting a couple of these issues.

  • Terrell says:

    Great post. I ‘m confronting a couple of these issues.

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