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October 10, 2019
3 Female Thought Leaders you don’t know enough about
3 Female Thought Leaders you don’t know enough about

By Felicia Guthrie

We recently shared a blog highlighting the differences between influencers and thought leaders, to catch you up to speed, a thought leader is someone who focuses on being the go-to expert in their field. You may be familiar with thought leaders like Gary Vaynerchuck or Seth Godin, but who are the women who have positioned themselves as thought leaders? You may know Tarana Burke, the woman who started the #MeToo movement, or writer, producer, and author Shonda Rhimes, but there are others you may not know much about.

Here are three female thought leaders that you might not know enough about that inspire us every day.

Brené Brown

Although Brown is successful and has been leading TED Talks for years – she has one of the most popular TED Talks EVER – you may not have heard her name. Brené Brown has continued to position herself as a thought leader through her work as a professor, an author, and as a public speaker. Brown often discusses vulnerability, shame, and courage and the way they can transform our lives.

Here are a couple of Brené Brown quotes that may encourage or inspire you as an entrepreneur and  small business owner, even when the work may seem difficult and your dream unattainable.

Want to learn more about Brené Brown? Check out her Netflix special, Brené Brown: The Call to Courage, watch one of her TED Talks, or find her on Twitter.

Cassandra Kelly

Cassandra Kelly may have under five thousand followers on Twitter, but don’t let that number fool you, she’s a successful public speaker, board director, and thought leader. Among her accomplishments, Kelly has been recognized as an advisor to the G20 and founded The Glass Elevator, which aims to increase the number of women in senior positions. Cassandra Kelly’s content typically focuses on diversity, philanthropy, and leadership.

Here’s a great quote from Cassandra Kelly that any small business owner should keep in mind when trying to reach their target audience and retain current customers:

Learn more about Cassandra Kelly here or find her on Twitter.

Tamara McCleary

Tamara McCleary is the CEO of Thulium, which is a social media analytics and consulting agency, so it comes as no surprise that she is a global leader in marketing and technology. Tamara has been named in the top 50 and top 100 of Social Media Influencers by multiple organizations but she’s not just an influencer, (remember we’ve differentiated these terms), she has established herself as an expert on social media, influence, and branding.

Here are a few insightful and encouraging Tamara McCleary quotes focused on social media.

Find out more about Tamara McCleary here or find her on Twitter.

While we’ve named three women positioning themselves as thought leaders, there are many more occupying and striving to occupy that space. Is there a female thought leader you find particularly inspiring, thought provoking, motivating, or influential? Let us know in the comments.

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