Business BootCamp

Have a business idea and don’t know if you can make it a reality? Are you running a business and wondering how you can take it to the next level? Perhaps you’re somewhere in between? Maybe you’re overwhelmed by all the information out there, and just want someone who’s been there to tell it to you straight?

The SongBird Business BootCamp is a series of four workshops designed for those who are thinking about starting a business or who have recently founded a company. The Business BootCamp is a training program that will give you the tools necessary to build and reshape your business.

You will learn the essential elements of a business venture in 4 three-hour workshop sessions. Workshops include:

Session 1 | DETERMINING YOUR BUSINESS MODEL: What is it and why is it important to have one?

Your business model will help you lay the foundation for solid long-term business success. In this session, you will figure out what sets you apart from the competition and which areas you need to focus your energies on when it comes to your business development.

At the end of this session, you will be able to answer these questions about your business:

  • Is my idea good enough?
  • Does my business model make sense?
  • Do I really need a business plan and, if so, how can I write a great one?
  • What do I need to know about my customer and market, and how can I get answers?
  • Who are my competitors?
  • Who is my target audience and how do I find customers?

Session 2 | DEVELOPING YOUR BRAND: What does your brand story say and how are you aligning your messaging?

Your brand is about so much more than just your logo. While your visual brand is a key element, in this session you will develop your brand personality and figure out how you can use it to connect with your audience.

At the end of this session you will be able to answer these questions about your brand strategy:

  • What are the values that my brand represents? Why does it matter?
  • What are my key messages and how do they relate to my overall marketing strategy?
  • How do I come across to my target audience? How do I want to come across to my target audience? What’s the difference?

Session 3 | BUILDING YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY: What are you doing to market your business within your budget?

Not everyone has millions of dollars to invest in a flashy marketing strategy. However, regardless of your budget, you’ll learn how to create the highest impact with your efforts and your financial resources.

At the end of this session you will be able to answer these questions about your marketing strategy:

  • How can I build buzz for my business?
  • What are the best social media channels for my business to be on?
  • What is guerrilla marketing? Are there ways to do more with marketing while spending less?

Session 4 | DEFINING YOUR SALES STRATEGY: How are you selling your product to your target market?

Sales and marketing go hand in hand, but you can’t rely solely on your marketing tactics to close a sale. You’ll learn the basics of sales 101 and how to make it work for your business in the best way.

BONUS CONTENT: Show me the Money!  Now that You’ve Sold it, How Do You Get Paid for It??

At the end of this session you will be able to answer these questions about your sales strategy:

  • How do I make sense of the numbers, and which numbers really matter?
  • How can I best manage my cash flow?
  • How do I make sure I get paid on time?
  • Where do I go to get the information I need to organize my new business?

Learn real world strategies that you can implement now that will help you launch, transform, and grow your business!

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Are you ready to make your business idea a reality?